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Keltie O'Connor

Keltie O'Connor

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Keltie O'Connor

Категория: YouTube, Video, Music, Dance, Magazine. Раздел: Yoga & Fitness & Stretching. Тип публикации: Спрос. Рубрика: Вдохновение Москва. Автор: YouTube. Номер публикации: 186. Дата добавления публикации: 28.02.2021. Яркие впечатления на DUCENTI RU.

YouTube, Video, Music, Dance, Magazine

Вдохновение Москва

Keltie O'Connor

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In celebration of Halloween I ate the most popular snack-sized candies including Reese cups, snickers, mars, candy corn, Swedish berries, Maynards, fuzzy peach, sour patch kids, m&ms, and more. Then I used my handy dandy apple watch too see

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to show you have to burn off every single thing you eat! Your body needs calories even if you were simply to lie in bed every day. Sure Halloween candy won't have the same amount of nutrients as a piece of kale, but a few pieces of candy will do no harm. This video is meant to remind us just to be mindful when we eat, eat the chocolate bar and enjoy it! Rather then go zombie mode and eat the same amount as 4 big macs without even enjoying the taste. Also most importantly if you overindulge, just have to many adult beverages after and dance it off hehe ;)

Hi I’m Keltie a former college basketball player turned Youtuber. Now traveling around Canada & the world, taking you guys around with me! Everyday trying to become a better person through my 30 day to 6 months challenges. From trying new forms of fitness, testing different nutrition trends, or diving into the world of famous celebrities & athletes. Then reminding you to life a joyful life through fitness, food, & travel in my Vlog series

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Keltie OConnor
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